Post-? Notes on Ars Electronica 2015

Dagmara Rode


This article discusses selected threads that were taken into consideration during 2015 edition of Ars Electronica Festival. The initiating point of the event was Post City. Habitats for the 21st Century. It was reflected in problems raised by collected productions that oscillated between following issues: mobility of people, things, data, work, inhabitants, the possibility of resistance, dissilusion with ever expanding technology and the unobvious political aspect of civic technologies. The works that were presented  within the remaining exhibitions enriched issues around questions such as the complex between art and science. The intersection of these two disciplines brought into existence works in the range of hybrid art. Constantly prevalent are questions around the body, identity, memory and narration, tensions arising from the reworking of the history of art and history of media in the contemporary, post-media landscape and many others important issues concerning current art.