In search of a breakthrough. The role of the Gala Piosenki Popularnej i Chodnikowej in the history of disco polo

Monika Rawska


The history of almost every musical genre is based on certain turning points, decisive moments or albums changing rock, pop or jazz. In the history of disco polo that kind of turning point may be the Gala of Popular and Pavement Song (Gala Piosenki Popularnej i Chodnikowej) of 29 February 1992, when this type of music somehow established itself. Unknown music bands played to a full Congress Hall concert recorded by Polish Television, providing maybe millions of viewers. Soon after, the heroes of the gala enjoyed fame throughout the country.

The problem of meaning this event seems to be important, because in later years much greater contribution to the popularization of disco polo was a commercial TV station, Polsat, broadcasting special programs – since 1994 Disco Relax, and since 1996 – Disco Polo Live. This article attempts to answer the question of the scale of the reception of the event and to evaluate its actual role in the development of disco polo in the early 90s. The article is based on press materials from the 90s, recording of the concert, later sources, press releases, websites and interviews with participants of the concert.