III. Serialowo - „M jak miłość” wiele imion ma? O polskim serialu codziennym w perspektywie negocjacji

Joanna Wróbel



“L is for Love” Has Many Names.
On the Polish Day-time Soap Opera in the Perspective of Negotiation
The paper concerns problems of representation of society and ideological structure implied in the most popular Polish soap-opera M jak miłość (L is for Love). The series is presented in the perspective of cultural negotiation proposed by Stuart Hall and Christine Gledhill and John Fiske’s theories of cultural reification.
The analysis shows that although the series is considered as realistic it avoids discussing issues that may seem controversial from moral or economical point of view. The ways of life presented in the show are strongly connected to patriarchy and not as diverse as they may seem. Viewer’s freedom of negotiation of pleasure is therefore limited to those that are accepted in the mainstream morality.
As the series is extremely popular in Poland it has a very strong impact on society. In those terms it serves as the instrument of prevailing mainstream ideology of capitalism and patriarchy avoiding any chance of transgressive visualizations.