II. Informacje/przepływy/trans-misje - Dobór i prezentacja wiadomości w serwisach informacyjnych – porównanie kryteriów wyboru i sposobu przedstawienia w szwedzkiej i polskiej telewizji publicznej

Maja Chacińska



Selection and presentation of news in news programmes – a comparison of selection criteria and modes of presentation in Swedish and Polish public television
Delivering news is one of the main and most prioritised tasks of the public-service media. Both Polish Telewizja Polska and Swedish Sveriges Television have very similar goals concerning providing information to the public: it should be up-to-date, comprehensive and versatile as well as impartial and objective. On the other hand, Poland and Sweden represent different cultures and languages and two different approaches to public broadcasting connected e.g. with the way the institutions are financed. SVT is fully financed by TV-licence while in TVP the TV-licence supports only 12% of the enterprise. The purpose of this article is to analyse in what way the fulfilment of the principles concerning providing information is different or similar in two news programmes: Polish Wiadomości and Swedish Rapport. The article consists of the analysis of the content and presentation of the programmes broadcasted in two weeks of February and March in 2011. The analysis focused on two factors: news values that the stations use as criteria to choose the information and the way the news are presented.