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Konstanty Puzyna’s window, the window opened for theatre. Reportage as an important tool in theatrical critical writing

The inspiration for this text writing became doctoral seminars, devoted to the theatre of Jerzy Grotowski at the University of Gdansk. During the course, led by Professor Jan Ciechowicz from January to May 2015 it turned out that there was no preserved film documentation of the performances by Laboratory Theatre.

The only chance to “watch” the most important spectacles was to use some documentary references, some essays and theatrical reviews, published in the second half of the former century

It seemed that the only critic who was able to help us in our analysis and penetrations was Konstanty Puzyna. He has created some special way of writing, of “showing” reader the spectacle, what he could not personally see. In this kind of experimental writing the main tools seemed to be some “pieces” of reportage, documentary text, or nonfiction.

This review is about the way in which typical pieces of reportage can be used in modern art criticism, especially in writing about some kind of the experimental theatre. It is also about crossing the border between nonfiction and fictional literature. In the first part some general view of the problem is given, in the main body – the detailed analysis of “Apocalypsis cum figuris” shown by the prism of Puzyna’s text “The return of Christ” – is done. 

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