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Exegi monumentum. The last series of Melchior Wańkowicz’s “The Anode and Cathode”


In the article „The Anode and Cathode”. The last collection of Melchior Wańkowicz’s reportages the author discusses a two-volume set of lifelong journalism by Wańkowicz, rarely commented by researchers. This series has been prepared by Thomas Jodełka-Burzecki according to the general guidelines of the author. It is one of the collections composed at the end of his life, such as From Stołpce to Cairo, By the four climates 1912-1972, and even La Fontaine’ Decanter or War and Pen. This astonishing proliferation of reportages’ selection can be explained by a presentiment of approximating death and the desire to systematize his workshop. The author believes that within the created set of cycles The Anode and Cathode is composed in a most convincing way: it is
a collection of  press prewar reports from the Easter borderlands of Poland, reportages from journeys undertaken both in the country and abroad, descriptions of exile and emigration during the World War II, as well as articles demonstrating the writer's concern about human values, literature (mainly: non fictional), which in total gives an image of the writer involved competently, honestly and thoroughly in the patriotic issues. 

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