Mateusz Zimnoch


Poetics of the Intertekstual Literary Reportage. The Case of Mariusz Szczygieł

The intertextuality is one of a few terms gaining dominion over a whole contemporary culture. However, as long as literary reportage is considered the traditional mimetic relation takes the first and the last place alike. The main thesis of herein paper is that after the postmodern turn the naive referential analysis of creative non-fiction cannot be the most accurate way of interpreting anymore. Intertextuality appears to be able to refresh some reading methods and make them as adequate as possible in the postmodern reality. Moreover, it is not only about a kind of scholarly designed methodology, but also about a groundbreaking subgenre: an intertextual reportage which bases on the intentionally established relations between some texts. One of the most characteristic representatives of this genre variant is Mariusz Szczygieł whose pathway leads from an ordinary reportage form early 90’s to contemporary intertextual reportages about Czech Republic. Szczygieł is aware of fact that human perception is deeply influenced by some cultural schemes determined mostly by novels, newspapers, electronic media and art. That’s why the intertextual relations in his pieces seems to be even more important than the process of referring to the actual reality. The herein paper follows Szczygieł’s way from modern to postmodern configurations of the literary reportage, reconstructs his vision of the Bohemia with its art and literature and analyses one of his most specific works in terms of intertextuality.

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